Debt Recovery & Collection Services in Greece

Debt Recovery and Collection Services in Greece is a multi-level task requiring excellent legal knowledge, sound negotiation and persuasion skills and a proactive enforcement approach on realistic terms. AMOIRIDIS LAW SERVICES® has vast experience in this area, offering nationwide services (no matter where your debtor is located), including:

  • Extrajudicial protests and negotiations with debtors prior to any legal action
  • Legal Actions for debt recovery in case of non-compliance
    Lawsuits or Applications for Payment Orders according to the Greek Law
    Applications for European Payment Orders (pursuant to Regulation (EC) no. 1896/2006
  • Applications for enforcement orders (pursuant to Regulation (EC) no. 44/2001)
  • Executions of EU courts’ judgements
  • Enforcement proceeding (including preliminary checks of debtor’s assets)
  • Representation in court proceedings (in case the debtor lodges an opposition or an interim measure application) including filing of pleadings and evidence
  • Applications for a pre-action interim remedy (i.e. freezing injunctions, mandatory injunctions, prohibitory injunctions etc) proving on behalf of the claimant that the defendant’s alleged default may cause irreparable damage to the former

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