How to Register Property on the Hellenic Cadastre

The Hellenic Cadastre [“Ktimatologio” in Greek] is currently in the process of collecting property ownership declarations throughout Greece.

Our legal team possesses the knowledge and the professional experience to guide you, either you are an individual or a legal entity (company, institution, foundation etc.) through the procedure of the registration of your real estate property rights at the Hellenic Cadastre.

Our services include:

  • Informing you regarding the deadlines and requirements for the Registration of your property based on the area that is located in Greece.
  • Assisting you in obtaining all the necessary documentation (Title Deeds and Contracts that prove your rights upon each property, Land Survey etc.) that has to be filed.
  • Preparation of the Application Form (Declaration) according to the provisions of the Greek Law 2308/1995
  • Filing of the Application at the competent office of the National Cadastre, based on the location of the property with the assistance of our well-organized associates’ network all over Greece.

Why appoint a Lawyer?

Even if the Registration at the National Cadastre seems to be a prima facie simple procedure, we encourage our clients to capitalize our legal services upon this project, in order to handle the relevant procedure efficiently, diligently and expediently.

Why Register your real estate property rights?

Any person or legal entity with real estate property rights of any kind (including but not limited to ownership rights, easements, mortgages, leases of over nine years, encumbrances) is obliged to register their rights to the Ktimatologio (Hellenic Cadastre).

Specifically, all of the following are obliged to submit a declaration: every property owner who has a full or limited ownership right, every beneficiary of usufruct or of any other personal or real easement (of any content), beneficiaries of a property assurance, seizure, registrable legal action, registrable lease (timesharing, financing or one lasting more than 9 years) and every beneficiary of a right that is registrable according to provisions of Law 2308/1995.

All persons/entities who manage real estate properties that are not their own (e.g. a will administrator, a bankruptcy trustee, a vacant succession administrator, a will executor, a real estate property administrator etc.) are also obliged to submit a declaration.

Greek Property owners that fail to register on time will lose their rights. The Greek government after the respective deadline lapse will be entitled to ownership rights for any ‘unknown’ property that has never been declared.

Overdue Declaration

If you do not submit an ownership declaration to the Hellenic Cadastre in due time, you can submit an overdue declaration during the cadastral survey until the date that will be defined with a decision issued by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, as the end of the declarations, by filing the D2 – Declaration Form of Law 2308/1995.

However, a fine may be applied, in this case, depending on the type and value of the properties. It is noted that the procedure according to which the fine is decided and afterwards imposed may be activated at a later stage. Consequently, at this stage you do not pay a fine, but only the fixed fee following the familiar procedure at the co-operating banks.

The ownership declaration to the Cadastre is mandatory by the law and constitutes a prerequisite for any action that involves the property in the future (e.g. transfer, parental benefit or donation). Specifically, if no declaration has been submitted for a property in an area under cadastral survey, then either the initial owner should first declare it and afterwards transfer it or the property should be transferred and afterwards declared by the new owner. You should be informed that a building permit cannot be issued for properties which have not been declared.


On a land parcel under 400sq.m. without any buildings 70€ On a land parcel smaller than 4.000 sq.m. at a rural area 70€
On a land parcel larger than 400sq.m. without any buildings 120€ On a land parcel larger than 4.000 sq.m. without any buildings at a rural area 100€
On a land parcel with a building under 200 sq.m. 150€ On a land parcel larger than 4.000 sq.m. with a building at a rural area 200€
On a land parcel with a building larger than 200 sq.m. 250€ On any other registrable right 70€
On a partitioned property under 200 sq.m. 100€
On a partitioned property larger than 200 sq.m. 250€
On an auxiliary space (of an independent property) 50€

What Documents Do You Need to Submit?

Depending on how the ownership was acquired, supporting documentation needed may differ.

The basic documents, however, include the following:

  • Application Form – online or hard-copy when physically submitted
  • Title Ownership – photocopy or scanned when submitting online
  • Land survey when applicable
  • Greek Identification Card or Passport Information

It is essential to indicate the location of your property, and if recent topography surveys with coordinates are not available, you can visit the official website to identify your property.

Ways of submitting a declaration available to the expatriates

To better service Greek Expatriates, it was decided by the Government that for the submission of the property declaration to the Cadastre instead of a proxy, Embassies / Consulates can issue just an authorization by certifying the signature authenticity only.

The options available to the expatriates are:

  • If the declaration is filled out, signed and submitted by a third party on behalf of the beneficiary, it will be necessary to have a special authorization with certified signature authenticity which can be provided by the Embassy/Consulate in their country of residence
  • By proxy already authorized with a special or general proxy document to administer their real estate in Greece
  • By a third party with simple authorization. In this case, beneficiaries should dispatch their filled out and signed declaration together with the necessary documents by post.
    The authorized person must submit the declaration to the competent Cadastral Survey Office
  • For the first time, the declaration can be submitted on-line using a special IT application found on the HELLENIC CADASTRE website
    In this case, the necessary documents submitted with the declaration will be sent by post to the competent Cadastral Survey Office and the fixed fee is paid by credit card

Special Circumstances

  • Properties missing titles or in lack of titles
    In case that there are no valid titles of ownership, the declaration can be submitted if there is constant and continuous possession of the property for at least 20 years
    To prove such a claim, at least two documents should be submitted, such as: court order, affidavit, preliminary agreement, tax office E9 both modern and old one, building permit, loan document, electricity or water supply billing
  • Incomplete inheritance procedure with formal will of the deceased
    In the case of inheritance rights for which inheritance has not been accepted through valid means, a declaration of property can be submitted
    The valid papers to be submitted are: Title of ownership of the deceased, Certificate of Public Will from the Regional Court, Death Certificate, Certificate of “No other” Will Published from the Regional Court, Certificate that the inheritance has not been forfeited
  • Incomplete inheritance procedure without formal will of
    In the case of inheritance rights for which inheritance has not been accepted through valid means, a declaration of property can be submitted
    The valid papers to be submitted are: Title of ownership of the deceased, Death Certificate, Certificate that the inheritance has not been forfeited, Certificate that “No will” has been published, Certificate of Closest Relatives to the deceased

Payment of the Fixed Cadastral Survey Fee

The payment of the fee is carried out by presenting the pre-printed form of Temporary Registration Statement and Fixed Fee Estimate.

For the financial facility of citizens, the National Cadastre & Mapping Agency S.A., from early 2017, provides the payment possibility of the fixed cadastral survey fee in interest-free installments by credit card, to the banks: ALPHA BANK, NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE, PIRAEUS BANK and EFG EUROBANK.

Banks and automated offices of the Hellenic Post Services network (ELTA) for the payment of the fee.

If you choose to submit your declaration on-line, then the payment of the fee is possible only with a credit or debit visa and master-card while using the relevant application.

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