Inheritance Law in Greece

AMOIRIDIS LAW SERVICES® is one of the top inheritance advisors offering professional assistance with any issue related to Succession (Inheritance) Law. Our services include:

  • Inheritance proceedings in Greece (for more details, please click here)
  • Assisting you who live abroad and need to claim within the territory of Greece your inheritance either long neglected, or contested or even planning in advance for beloved ones
  • Running thorough research to verify the existence of will (holographic, public or secret one) and trace the deceased’s assets (real estate, bank accounts or other receivables) that you as beneficiary is entitled of
  • Defining your succession rights through the rules of intestacy or your minimum forced inheritance share according to the Greek law
  • Registering your property in the competent Greek authorities (Land Registry or/and National Cadaster where applicable) and obtaining the relevant registration certificate
  • Obtaining certificates in respect to your inheritance case, such as:
    •  Certificate of registration of the passing of the deceased person
    • Certificate of closest relatives of the deceased person
    • Certificate regarding non-insinuation of testament of the deceased person
    • Certificate regarding non-dispute of the inheritance right
    • Certificate regarding non-disaffirmance of inheritance
  •  Assisting you in accepting or renouncing an inheritance
  • Offering advice on inheritance tax issues
  • Representing you in court proceedings in case of inheritance disputes

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